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The ED510 is an all in one solution for gas, fire and bilge detection with pleasure and small work boats in mind. Fault monitoring and low current consumption as standard. Mounted in a tactile, waterproof front panel. Two fire zones, two bilge level zones and two gas detectors.

Fire Detection

In conjunction with Apollo Fire Detectors Limited we provide marine approved fire detection heads at low cost in two distinct zones capable of protecting all vulnerable areas of a boat. Heat and optical smoke detection may be mixed as required with the integrity of each line constantly monitored. Two independent supplies, as required by fire detection authorities, can be provided if necessary.

Level Detection

Bilge level water detection is provided by our own bilge water switches.They have facilities for instant removal and checking. With cases turned from solid Nylon they last for many years in a dormant condition and will still operate on that once in a lifetime demand. An “on” and “run-on” adjustable delays prevent unwanted alarms due to small amounts of water in the bilge.

Gas Detection

Operating double level alarms, the gas valve turns off automatically at low alarm (A1) and the alarm is re-triggered at high alarm (A2) (Propane, Butane etc.) The ability to turn off the low consumption gas valve from inside the boat means safety without getting cold and wet! We suggest one sensor at low level in the galley, where it will sense leaks or drips from cooker and or water heater, while the other should protect the gas line / junctions etc. inside the boat.